I always put all puppies on hold until the age of 4 weeks old when they will be offered to the wait list!  This page is used to offer puppies to my waitlist.  Frequently, it is password protected so as to give my waitlist first choice of all available puppies.  Any puppies not selected by my waitlist will become available.


Dachshund puppies for sale


Griz and Juliet’s puppies are ready for selection!  All puppies are long haired females and will be ready to go home on 5/4/2024.  

Please note that some puppies may not be sold but are also not available. 

If a puppy is marked as “Pending DNA”, that means that a breeder (or myself) has requested them based on their DNA analysis.  This is something breeders do to ensure we are making educated purchases that will best benefit our breeding programs. 

If a puppy is marked as “Pending”, that means that the puppy is on a 24 hour hold while I wait for a signed contract on the puppy. 

If a puppy is marked as “Pending deposit”, that puppy is on hold until the deposit due date. 

If you are interested in one that is not marked as an available puppy, please feel free to let me know should their DNA come back different than what they are hoping to see or should a potential sale falls through.  

All Dachshund puppies for sale will be vet checked, have dew claws removed, are microchipped, are age appropriate wormed and vaccinated, and come with a goodie basket which includes an embroidered blanket that smells of mom and littermates, a LupinePet leash and collar of your choosing, collapsible water bowl, waste bags, two toys, a photo magnet, Royal Canin puppy food, and Nuvet vitamin samples.  

Please remember that if a puppy is an English (or shaded) cream, that means that they are born dark and will continue to lighten as they age. Dapple will almost always fade.  For more information about how the shaded cream works, please refer to this Facebook post to see more.




NOT Available


Shaded cream dapple female




Dad – Griz – 13 lbs


Mom – Juliet – 12 lbs