Future dachshund parents

Part of running a breeding program means having dogs retire and young pups to step in to fill their shoes.  Unfortunately, just because I plan on using them doesn’t mean that they will always make the cut.  While we watch their journey to see if they will be quality breeding parents, we get the joy of shaping their personalities and letting them shape us!  Not all of these may make the cut, but these are the ones we are grooming to fill mighty footprints.

Savage Storm

Savvy comes to me from Rocky Mountain Dachshunds in Missoula and is sired by Griz.  A beautiful chocolate and cream, from the minute I claimed her, she knew she was mine.  She has all the confidence in the world and it will be fun watching her grow.

O.F. Mossberg

Oscar comes to us from our new friend at Diamondline in Idaho and is the unicorn I’ve been seeking!  PRA clear, EE, no dilute, and chocolate and cream, he is everything I wanted in a male!  As perfect as he is genetically, he is also absolutely stunning with his dark chocolate coat, giant ears, and adoring personality.

Lady Derringer

When given the opportunity to work with Green Dragon Kennels and their lovely sable female, we jumped at the chance!  Titan is the sire of Lady and is a genetically tested EE cream sable piebald.  


Who will be the next future Dachshund parents?  Keep watching!