Future dachshund parents

Part of running a breeding program means having dogs retire and young pups to step in to fill their shoes.  Unfortunately, just because I plan on using them doesn’t mean that they will always make the cut.  While we watch their journey to see if they will be quality breeding parents, we get the joy of shaping their personalities and letting them shape us!  Not all of these may make the cut, but these are the ones we are grooming to fill mighty footprints.

Supernova Tactical

Nova is our first wirehair!  This amazing little clown is homozygous smooth and will add so much more variety to our pack!  She comes to us from Dozen Dachshunds in Idaho and we are very excited to see how she grows out.  Nova lives as a guardian owned dog by my bonus daughter Bri.

Howitzer Bullet

Howie is a very special boy that comes to us from Snow’s Doxies out of Missouri.  With Russian and Ukranian lines, he will bring new blood to our area with some fabulous chocolate offspring and amazing ears.

Little Missile

Adding Miss to our program means so much to me!  She is a granddaughter of Winnie, Benni, Remi, & Titan all combined and comes to us from our friends at Deuermeier Ranch!  With yet another smooth coats, we will be able to help families find the smooths they are looking for as well. 

Daisy Red Ryder BB

Titan and Puddin are the Dachshund parents of Daisy hailing from their final litter together.  As that pairing produced my favorite litters, there was no way I was going to miss out on another chance to keep them in my program.  Daisy is sassy and sweet just like her Mama!


Who will be the next future Dachshund parents?  Keep watching!