The Founding Fleurydachs Wieners

Not everybody who starts down a path has a clear idea of where they want their journey to lead and these are the dogs that have helped guide us as we went.  We knew we wanted to walk through life with wieners at our side, the thought of being able to place them at other family’s sides wasn’t our clear direction.  Once we turned our steps down that path, enthusiasm more than education was our guide.  But as we continue in our education, we appreciate everything these founding FleuryDachs wieners brought to our journey.


Bullet was the first FleuryDachs wiener to come to FleuryDachs and will always hold a special place in our hearts as the dog who showed us how amazing the Dachshund breed is.  Sadly, Bullet passed away at the age of 3 years and 11 months after a very short battle we lost to IVDD and Degenerative Myelopathy.  While he will be always remembered and missed, without him, we wouldn’t be what we are.  And it is because of him, that we will continue to strive to improve the Dachshund breed and help others find the love that we found with him.  Please take the time to read the tribute to him in our blog.


Caliber (Cali) was the first girl we purchased and is an English Cream piebald. When I purchased her, I had no intention of becoming a breeder.  Cali has been an important part of our breeding program as breeding English Cream piebalds similar to her is one of our goals.


Oreo came to us as an adult from Rocky Mountain Dachshunds and sired a litter of pups with Cali and also was used as a stud for a litter of pups with a local family. Oreo paved the beginning to our guardian home program.


Gunpowder (Powder) was a super sweet long haired black and cream who was retired after three litters due to a ruptured uterus. Powder came to us from Capstone Kennels in Great Falls and will live the remainder of her days as a FleuryDachs wiener with us as our daughter’s spoiled little princess.


Kimber was a smooth cream brindle dapple. Born in Dec 2018, she is a smooth coat  weighing 12 lbs who was retired after only one litter.  She had an extremely difficult pregnancy, delivery where she avoided c-section three times, and motherhood proved to be too hard on her as well.  She brought us a beautiful puppy that we have held back for our breeding program but it is in Kimber’s best interest that she was retired and placed with a loving forever family.  Kimber is a Benderdachs who came to us via Rocky Mountain Dachshunds.


Ricki was a small black and cream dapple piebald who is the half sister of Titan. Born in Feb 2019 and coming to us from Oregon, she was retired after only one litter.  Her small size put her at risk in the last days of her pregnancy.  We would never ask a mama to sacrifice her health so we made the choice to let her role as one of  FleuryDachs wieners be that of someone’s baby instead.  We are proud to say that she recovered well, her babies are strong and healthy, and she is living her best life with her new forever family!


Annie was a chocolate and tan piebald who came to us as an adult via August and it is for that reason she is our girl with neither guns or roses in her name although we liked to think of her as our “Annie get your gun”.  Annie had a very short breeding career as a FleuryDachs wiener due to her late arrival in our program, but we hope to continue her legacy through one of her pups.  Annie was placed in a wonderful forever home where she gets to visit kids at school and is living her best life.


Bayonet was an English Cream with Canadian Sniff ‘N Tell lines.  Bay has an especially mellow and independent nature and will spend her golden years with my bonus daughter and her family.  From the moment my son-in-law walked in my doors, Bay bonded to him and they are so excited to be able to finally take her home with them.


Magnum (Maggie) was a smooth coat chocolate dapple piebald who came to us from Rocky Mountain Dachshunds.  Maggie was our official greeter and never met a person she didn’t like, but when she met a local young lady, we knew that was her forever person.  She spent the last few months of her time as a FleuryDachs wiener living with them and is excited to be a full time pet now that she is retired.


Ammunition (Ammo) came to FleuryDachs from Evergreendox Dachshunds and has Japanese Cream champions in his bloodlines. Weighing 10 lbs, he has a charming personality and is a very chill dude who sits like a regal, handsome prince.  He loves to follow us around and sit on our feet so as to be convenient for us to snuggle should we so desire.  Ammo was a very special boy who was the first to complete his OFA CAER certified for eyes, knees, and heart and who will always have a home with us.  He is my heart of all the FleuryDachs wiener dogs and I don’t know if I would have made it through losing Bullet had it not been for him.


Remington (Remi) came to FleuryDachs via Rocky Mountain Dachshunds out of Missoula and was the first registered FleuryDachs wiener female purchased.  Remi was a stunning example of a shaded red and provided a variable array of colors as she also carried cream and chocolate.  Remi did not enjoy the dynamics of being in a large pack and spent the majority of her time with our first ever guardian home.

Photo credit to Briana Kutsch.

Miracle Rose

Rose was born in July 2018 and is Powder’s daughter and the granddaughter of Bullet.  After a traumatic birth experience where she was pronounced dead, the vet brought her to us miraculously alive!  Rose spent the majority of her time in a guardian home with my son and his wife.  All three of Rose’s litters were sired by Benni and they produced a fun litter of smooth coats every time.


Benaiah came to us from August Paws Dachshunds and was one of the happiest, most loveable dogs you could imagine.  He was the only male to ever be successful with Rose and I could always count on him to get the job done with a reluctant female.  Because Benni carries dilute, he was not a frequent stud used in my breeding program but his winning personality and beautiful dark rich chocolate made him a beloved favorite.

9 MM

Millie came to us from Benderdachs as a young adult.  She was not quick to love the people she met, but once she liked you, there was no more affectionate dog!

1886 Annabelle Rifle

Annabelle was a pup held back from Maggie’s last litter.  Annabelle lived with a guardian (my oldest daughter) but spent a great majority of her time in our home.  Her heavy ticking, size, and super friendly demeanor made her FleuryDachs wiener puppies a very beloved favorite!

Leia’s Blaster Defender

Leia was our original “Little Bad Dog” because she was so stubborn and difficult to house train.  But once we got through it, she became a wonderful, sweet girl!  She resided in a guardian home and was the balance that a special young woman needed in her life.


Beretta (BooBoo) was a black and cream brindle long hair.  Beretta is a home grown FleuryDachs and was held back from Kimber’s one and only litter born in May 2020 and was sired by Ammo.  She has competed with my daughter in junior handling in both 4H as well as one AKC event where she won two first place showings!


Winnie loved everyone she met and was loved by everyone who met her.  She came to us from Little Paws out of Oregon and had large litters of very healthy, smart puppies.  Winnie lives with several FleuryDachs wieners including Cali, Leia, and Maggie in their retirement home.

Briar Rose

We call Briar Rose by the nickname of “Puddin'”.  Briar Rose was the name the three fairies gave to Sleeping Beauty whose given name was Aurora.  We planned on calling her “Rory” for short but “Rory” became “Rory Porry Puddin Pie” and Puddin is what stuck!  She has a special place in my heart as she is a talker and gives me attitude.  Her litters were all bred with Titan and they made my absolute all time favorite puppies EVER!  Puddin’ will forever be a favorite of the FleuryDachs wieners.

Miss Uzi Q

Miss Uzi, or Suzi as we liked to call her, was a fairly small dog with a big name! Quick to greet new people at our house, she was a mild tempered girl who wanted a quiet lap to lie in. There have not been many girls in our family who were so well behaved as Suzi. She is living out her retirement with a long time family friend!