FleuryDachs Females: Our Miniature Dachshund Girl Dogs

Florabunda Rose

Bunnie (as we call her) comes to us from Rocky Mountain Dachshunds to complete our trade for Ronni’s ownership in Benni.  I had planned on calling her Flora (and I needed more rose names so I could continue with guns and roses) but Bunnie is just so much more fitting for her!  Born in Dec 2020, Bunnie has a special place in my heart and in my arms.  She reminds me of my Bullet so much that she has helped heal the ache of losing him.

Bunnie is AKC registered, DNA tested, and OFA CAER certified for eyes, knees, and heart. 


Christmas Rose

Noel (Noel means Christmas) was kept back from Ammo’s last litter that was old enough to go home at Christmas 2021.  We opted to hold back a puppy from his litter with Suzi so as to keep another girl with his lines with us as we retired him.  She is a chocolate based cream miniature Dachshudn girl and one of the sweetest, most mellow puppies I have ever encountered.  She loves to play outside and warm herself up on the heater vent when she’s done!

Noel is AKC registered, DNA tested and will be OFA CAER certified for eyes, knees, and heart.


Kiki (her given name is pronounced “Key-Aw-Puh”- named for an Italian gun manufacturer) is Ammo’s grand daughter (Beretta is her mom) and was sired by Titan.  Because she is a shaded cream, her dapple will be hidden, but she will produce dapple and brindle dapple when paired with Axl after she is of age.

Kiki is AKC registered, DNA tested and has been OFA tested for eyes, knees, and heart.

Crickett Precision

Crickett comes to us from Benderdachs.  From the minute this beautiful girl arrived, she has proven to be the most mellow and easy going dog I’ve had in a long time.  I cannot wait to see the beauties she and Colt will produce!

Crickett is AKC registered, DNA tested and has been OFA tested for eyes, knees, and heart.

Barbette Armour 

Barbie is our “platinum blonde”.  Because she is an ee cream, the ee genome hides all of her coloring.  She is genetically a chocolate and cream that shows for piebald and is the product of our Griz and Winnie.  When bred to Colt, we should get beautiful chocolate and cream as well as black and cream with the chance of tan points in both from this miniature Dachshund girl.  One thing is for sure, their babies will have beautiful ears!
Barbie is AKC registered, DNA tested and has been OFA CAER certified for eyes, knees, and heart.

Juliet Rose

Titan and Puddin have produced my most favorite litters consistently.  When they produced Juliet, a shaded cream piebald miniature Dachshund girl, you can be sure I wasn’t going to miss the chance to keep one of their offspring in my breeding program.  Currently the plan is to breed her to Axl when she is of age.

Juliet is AKC registered, DNA tested but still needs to be OFA tested.



Coming to us from LuvinDoxys out of Oregon, we named our first miniature Dachshund girl from Russian lines Seraphim with the intent to call her Angel.  This girl is as sweet as can be but does not do well in a pack because she needs to be somebody’s special girl and is currently looking for a guardian home. She loves to travel and her striking red brindle pattern makes her an exciting future mama.

Angel is AKC registered, DNA tested and has been OFA tested for eyes, knees, and heart.