Upcoming litters

I get many questions about planned litters.  While this information is available on Gooddog, I thought it would be nice to include it on my webpage as well.  Please remember that this planned litters are only PLANNED.  Not that they will necessarily happen.  Sometimes we decide to make a change for a myriad of reasons.  I will update with expected once a dog has been bred and confirmed once we have confirmed pregnancy.  Please remember that pregnancies are frequently unconfirmed until about day 40.

Griz & Juliet

Juliet has been bred to Griz for a confirmed expected litter of March 11.  Expected colors are shaded cream, black and cream, and chocolate-based cream with possible dapple and piebald.  All will be long haired.  Puppies for breeding can be tested for PRA as Griz is a carrier.

Axl & Kiki

Kiki has been bred to Axl.  While this litter is not yet confirmed, we are expecting a due date of 3/29.    Expected puppies will be black and cream and shaded cream in both dapple and brindle.  Because puppies are shaded cream, dapple puppies will be hidden dapples as they age.  Puppies for breeding can be tested for PRA as Kiki is a carrier.

Axl & Angel

We are hoping to breed Axl to Angel when she is due back in heat at the beginning of March.  Puppies will be PRA clear by parentage and red brindle with possible tux pie.


Who will be the next future Dachshund parents of upcoming litters?  What color puppies can we be expecting?  Keep watching!